Star Trek – The Movement Image – Printable Film Trivia Questions and Solutions

Star Trek the Movement Image was the primary full-length Star Trek film to come back out. In what yr was it launched?

Reply: 1979. The movie reunited the unique Star Trek crew and started an entire new period of Star Trek followers.

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An alien vessel is approaching earth. On its method, it encounters a variety of Klingon vessels. What number of Klingon battle cruisers does the alien destroy?

Reply: Three. The alien is a few kind of cloud. The Klingons shoot at it however there are not any indicators that it’s affected in any method.

Within the Star Trek film there’s a new navigator on the bridge of the Enterprise. She is a bald officer named Lt. Ilia. What planet is she from?

Reply: Delta IV. Persis Khambatta, who was topped Miss India in 1965, performs her function.

There may be an unlucky accident within the transporter room earlier than the Enterprise even leaves dry dock. Two of the crew are killed; certainly one of them is a Vulcan science officer. What’s his title?

Reply: Sonak. Spock then arrives to take his place as the brand new science officer on the up-dated Enterprise.

The Enterprise is in dry-dock being re-fitted with every kind of recent gear. She additionally has a brand new captain. Who’s the brand new Captain of the Enterprise?

Reply: Captain Decker. Admiral Kirk takes command of the refitted Enterprise when the Earth is threatened by the method of the unusual alien cloud.

Originally of the movie Spock is on Vulcan taking part in a particular Vulcan ceremony. What’s he doing?

Reply: He’s attempting to attain Kohlinahr. It’s the state the place a Vulcan purges all his feelings.

Star Trek motion pictures have featured many alternative administrators. Who was given the respect of directing the primary full-length Star Trek film?

Reply: Robert Sensible. Robert Sensible has directed for over forty years. Amongst his extra well-known motion pictures are “The Sound of Music” and “Audrey Rose”.

Gene Rodenberry fell in love with the theme music from the film. What different challenge did he determine to make use of it for?

Reply: He used a part of the rating for the theme to Star Trek Subsequent Technology.

When the film got here out it was nominated for a variety of Oscars. What number of nominations did it get?

Reply: Three. Nominated for greatest music rating, greatest artwork/set ornament and greatest visible results.

The most effective-known quotes from this film is, “It’s life Captain however not life as we all know it.” Which character says this well-known line?

Reply: Spock. Spock, performed by Leonard Nimoy, returns from the planet Vulcan to take up his place as science officer.

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